Troop stays online, but it's starting to look better!

Hello, this is Shreyan S. and I am happy to report everything is running smoothly in the troop. Sign offs, merit badges, and rank advancement are happening regularly and with the increased time for scouting, Scouts are doing them at speed. We are also transitioning into more hands on scouting activities including fire, flags, and tool requirements with certain regulations in place. Also there have been some discussions on Summer Camp, which is exciting and promising news for both Troop 608 and Boy Scouts all over the country. As things are starting to open up again, the Troop looks forward to continuing all functions, while also maintaining a level of safety for the Scouts. As our Troop says: Love Mercy, Act Justly, and Walk Humbly With Your God: Micah 608.

Signing off,

Shreyan S.

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