BSA Troop 608
BSA Troop 608

Who We Are

Who are we?

Troop 608 is a scout-run, adult-supervised unit. Using the BSA Handbook as a guide, the scout's plan to implement their program accordingly. It is the adult leader's function to ensure that the program is run safely and the scouts have all the necessary resources (including materials, knowledge, and leadership skills) to carry out their program and achieve their goals. Leadership training is provided and promoted. The goal of Troop 608 is to help all the youth that come to our unit to grow into responsible young adults by providing them with opportunities to advance, grow, mature, and lead. We are committed to the development and advancement of Scouts.

Our Mission

It is the aim of Troop 608 to build character, citizenship and leadership in the youth of our community. We use an outdoor, activity-based program to enable the scouts to have fun and to keep them interested. Scouts in Troop 608 continue to work on advancement throughout their Scouting career. The troop calendar and activities are designed to facilitate this advancement.​

Our Priorities

We want to provide a scouting program that is fun and challenging through weekly meetings that are interesting and activity oriented, as well as monthly outdoor activities that stimulate, challenge and educate the scouts. We want to facilitate an advancement program for all troop members, and to regularly recognize achievement. Finally, we want to build scouts of spiritual character, self confidence and strong citizenship. 

Our Expectation

Scouts of Troop 608 are expected to not only have fun and attend most meetings but to also participate in a majority of events as well as make steady progress toward their ranks. Our scouts are to wear their uniform at all events.

Troop 608 Structure

Our Troop structure is based on the patrol method established by BSA. The patrols consist of groups of five to eight scouts lead by a Patrol Leader and an Assistant Patrol Leader. A Senior Patrol Leader and an Assistant Senior Patrol Leader work with the Patrol Leaders to run the Troop. All of these leadership positions are held by the scouts in the Troop. This may vary based on the enrollment of scouts in the troop. Based on the willingness of the Scout, the Troop goal is to provide a path for new scouts to achieve the rank of First Class within a year and a half of joining the Troop. After that, the "older" scouts then use the skills that they have learned in leadership positions as they work toward the rank of Eagle Scout.​

Parent Involvement

Parents of Troop 608 scouts are asked to help run the troop as efficiently as possible. We need you helping your child by being part of the Scoutmaster Corps, part of the Troop Committee or at the very minimum a merit badge instructor. It is through your involvement that your child will get the most out of our program. We cannot run a quality program without the involvement of at least one parent per scout.​

Troop 608 Outings and Events

Monthly Campouts: Typically a two-night campout that may include camping, hiking, backpacking, biking, canoeing and/or rock climbing at local state parks or BSA campsites.

Long Term Camping: The highlight of the scouting year is the annual week long summer and winter outings. This excursion can be a merit badge camp or a high adventure experience of a lifetime. It is a great opportunity for all to not only have fun but also for advancement, personal development and growth.

Courts of Honor: Held three times throughout the year, these are events to honor the achievements of our Scouts and to recognize the work of our volunteer adults.

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